At Purr we think it’s always interesting to learn a little bit more about the founders.

Here is some interesting stuff to note about Deepak Shukla.

Deepak graduated from Warwick University in 2008 in Literature (hence his fondness for writing the company blog and other such comms!). Alongside Nick (an engineer at the same university) he went on to work at Deloitte as a Tax Consultant; being two of around 250+ Literature graduates who managed to land a job at a top corporate company at the time the credit crunch impacted financial jobs globally. Working there lasted all of several months.

Since then Deepak has pursued adventure; using his passion for marketing to launch various small businesses along the way. Whilst travelling the world (and living in 9 different countries over a period of a decade) Deepak built a tutoring agency that he took to £100k+ annualized income. He also found himself in the ‘new and noteworthy’ section of Itunes for a business based podcast – wrote the most upvoted answer on Quora (ever) and built a sales funnel for a recording studio using a personal Facebook page.

But his other pursuit of passion over the last decade outside of internet marketing has been endurance sports. It’s a pretty impressive role-call. 20 marathons in 20 different cities and 15 different countries. 3 ultramarathons in 3 different countries. 2 ironmen on 2 different continents. 1 fight won via TKO Muay Thai in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, and then training as a soldier and experiencing 10 days+ away with elite operator’s in the military.

Deepak has managed all of this in 7 years – and now has returned to build some roots in London and build Purr Traffic.