The SMC Model

At Purr Traffic we’ve developed our own unique approach to building your business’s fortunes. If you’re not currently getting the results that you want from your lead generation, then our model could be worth a try.

Our Purr powered model looks at your Systems, Marketing and Conversions; a methodology that has seen us deliver excellent results both internally and for our clients.


Your Systems are the infrastructure needed to power your company’s growth. To make sure that the foundations of your online presence are strong enough, so that when we turn on the traffic engine it converts into leads, following, likes, engagement, traffic and rankings as quickly as is possible.

Find out more about our process covering Roadmapping, Audit, Footprints for both your Personal and Company Brand, Global and Local Search Engine Optimization as well as Social Media.


This is when we turn the traffic engine on. There are several stages to this process to ensure that you get the best Content Marketing setup and implementation from Purr.

Following a Strategy review, we start by looking at Content Generation: the production of the content itself and what form the content will take. The Curation, Syndication, and Automation options then drive traffic and leads to your online properties, often combined with Email Marketing.


The final phase of the SMC Model is all about Reporting performance and improving conversions. We want to maximise every opportunity we have to improve content, search engine optimization, social media optimization, keyword ranking and many of the other factors that involve driving traffic to your business.

This can include Optimisation through website overhaul, understanding where customers might be dropping off onsite, calls to actions across your online properties, competitions and a whole range of other strategies we can/have already/will employ.