Reporting is a vital part of this entire process – so we can understand what the data means for your bottom line. We will collate, analyze and report upon the data across of the marketing channels that are in place.

We take a funnel based approach by looking at the top line numbers (Traffic and Leads) to then start reverse engineering the process to understand exactly what is converting the most. Those two top line figures are the one’s that matter the most to our clients, as they matter to us.

Using those figures we will then look to pages traffic is coming to, where they are coming from, time spent on site, bounce rate, any traffic spikes, demographics of the users, where they are falling off the site. Then there is the case for any transaction happening across your marketing channels – whether that’s an email sign up, a contact form enquiry, a request for more information or an actual sale.

It’s from these sources of information we can then begin working back and looking at the systems and content in place to understand what is performing well/not performing well, how, where and why this is happening – and ultimately which type of content as well as medium that performs best.

All of this and more is taken into account in the reporting process to bring together an integrated report upon your data and what it means for your business.