The process

Once we have built a roadmap  of where you wish your business wants to be with hard and cold figures attached to it – we can look towards building out how we will make this happen for you.

Auditing your company’s marketing prowess is a primary concern of ours.

Within this there are multiple components that go a long way to demonstrating just how thoorough we will be in our audit of your business:

Onsite SEO Audit

There are multiple issues that with your on-site optimization that can have a direct negative impact with your SEO. These errors can often get missed in the rush of day to day activity. Many of our clients come to us for different purposes but after a review of their site we find that technical errors are damaging their lead generation efforts more than anything else

Where we differ from any other marketing agency out there is that we have a integrated technical specialists in Purr Digital who can fix the whole swathe of technical issues that carry negative SEO value.

Here are some examples to give you an idea of what this means in practice 

Broken Links

As your website continues to grow and get ever richer and you begin to interconnect pages and link out to multiple domains across the web; it becomes more and more difficult to keep track of links that might have broken.

Websites that have since become graveyards, and blog posts that are now outdated and are no longer fit for purpose.

All us to step in and review your website for any broken links such that we can offer solutions to resolve such issues

404 Errors

404 Errors; when the page has been removed, moved or had a url change can be the bane of a business as it represents multiple lost opportunities to capture an otherwise ‘click-away’ audience and keep them onsite.

We offer marketing solutions to replace 404 pages and actually turn them into lead generation tools to capture email addresses or to redirect potential clients to other pages on your site

Page Load Issues

Perhaps technical in issue – but an error that carries a huge lead generation debt – there can be all sorts of reasons for page load issues. From a slow server speed, to errors in Php scripts, your cache or a variety of other things.

Here we can call upon the expertise of Purr Digital if need be to offer a solution to ensure that all your pages are loading as they should be

Site Speed

An ever growing factor in SEO is your site speed. You can have the most excellent on-page SEO but if your webpage takes more than 3 seconds to load; you are basically hemorrhaging traffic.

By exploring the parts of the globe that your customers are coming in from we will carry out server tests in those specific locations to test the actual ‘local load’ times to discover how your site is measuring up

Image Alt Text:

Google is ever improving it’s ability to ‘read’ and understand images – but in comparison to it’s web crawlers ability to read ‘text’ there will never be any comparison.

This is why the image alt attribute (which is short for image alternative) specifies an alternative text for search engines and spiders can read when the image cannot be displayed.

Furthermore care needs to be taken with the text that you choose to use for the image-alt data to ensure it gives you maximum SEO value


A relatively untouched area in amongst many lead generation companies because of its hugely technical nature.

What microdata is, is a Hypertext Application Technology Working Group Hyper Text Markup Language (a lot of words yes we know!) that work to nest metadata within the content that already exists within web pages. Search engines, browsers, web crawlers and the like can take this microdata from a given web page and use it to provide a better browsing experience for users.

Search engines love microdata as they are able to read web pages more efficiently and better understand what to serve their users.

Given all of this – there is a huge benefit to making sure your microdata is structured properly and this is something that we can work on for you.

Google Penalty Removal

If you have experienced a sudden drop in traffic or suddenly disappeared from search – it may well be that you have had a been the victim of a penalty from Google.

This can happen for all sorts of reasons; such as duplicate content, excessive link swapping, overusing H1 tags, Keyword stuffing, Footer links and a whole host of other reasons.

Our process begins with a Social Media Audit to get top-line information as to how your business and brand is performing across Social Media. We will explore key metrics beyond ‘followers and ‘likes’ and consider actual ‘comments’ and engagement’ and track growth rates versus activity to establish how your Social Media is currently performing.

Furthermore, as the social media landscape continues to grow with new platforms coming out every 18-24 months we will review which platforms you are active on and consider if this is effective for your business

Offsite SEO

Looking at the factors that relate to your ranking offsite as well play a hugely important role in making sure that you are optimizing all of your content online for conversions. It will all inform our judgement and ability to help ultimately drive more traffic and leads to your business.

Here are some of the factors to consider:


Backlinks refer to any web page that points back to your domain, or any page on your domain. By mentioning your website and providing a hyperlink back to the relevant page/blog post on your website – the website is ‘linking back’ to your site. At a high level, the more ‘organic and natural links’ you have coming from high authority or industry recognised websites will help your website rank on Google.

We will perform an audit of your links back to your site to monitor their health, balance, whether they are still active, and to gauge the impact they are having upon your rankings.

More is not always better, and often the opposite as if your backlink profile reveals a plethora of links from ‘spammy’ type websites; this can have a negative impact on your SEO.

Guest Posts

If you have employed a guest posting strategy, it’s important to review the content itself and look at it’s use of keywords, the pages on your site which it links back to, the length of the blog post; whether there are other blog posts online that offer an ‘improved solution’ to your existing post and what updates may/may not be required.

All of these factors and more are examined as part of the audit process to understand where your guest posting content that currently exists is going right, wrong, or invariably somewhere in the middle



One of the most important factors in listings are your Name, Address and Phone Number. These need to be consistent across all of your listings and will be something we will check across all your currently active listings


For Local Based SEO (and global SEO) this is the key listing that we would expect your company to have if you have a physical address. This is Google, Bing and Apple Maps – the three most used listings in worldwide.

An audit of these areas would entail a thorough inspection of your profile completion percentage, content on the profiles, manner in which the maps listing has been set up. This entails your opening hours, urls, business address, active phone number, company services, photos, photo resolution, logos and much more.


Having a presence upon the relevant business listings sites and having them optimised to rank within their search directories is something we examine. Business listings such as Yell, Yelp, 192, Scoot (or your relevant regional business listings) are all given consideration.

The same principles with profile completion percentage content, set up and all continue to apply.

Industry Listings

These are segment specific listings. Tech company should be on Crunchbase, Tradesmen should be on Trustmark, Advertising Agencies should be on ALF and so on.

Approach To Detail

Beyond simply listing and filling out all of the profile information – deeper diving and taking a look at each of your profiles to understand how they can be fully optimized is an ongoing process on its own. Making the appropriate changes here is where our technical expertise and depth of experience can come in.

It is here where we can provide the 20% of value that will account for the 80% of your end benefit

Competitor Analysis

Conducting an in-depth competitor analysis is vital for many reasons. To look at the marketing strategies your competitors are employing to then understand what you can steal from this and implement yourselves. Depending upon what level they are at will also dictate what can be learned from them for future or backward planning. Within these there are three types of companies we will consider in the analysis.

Industry’s Best

This is a forward thinking examination of the biggest players in your industry to develop an overview of their lead generation strategies and see how you rack up against the biggest players. This is a useful reference point in building out our roadmap for the future as a potential longer term direction of your business.

Local Competitors

For those who offer location-based services than considering competitors in your locale is an important port of call to ascertain how well you are doing in relation to them. This entails looking at their Maps, Social, On-Page as well as Off-Page SEO to get a better understanding of the competitor landscape and how you fare against the competition.

Size Competitors

In many respects local and industry best competitors may not be the appropriate fit for you. Looking at businesses that are of a similar size and serve a similar kind of business may well yield some interesting results.

Overall Competition

Taking into account all of these factors will inform the roadmap and best-fit strategies for your market so we can hone in on the type of marketing that will best serve your business

Social SEO

A key consideration of Social Seo is making sure all of your copy, urls and hashtags are relatively consistent across your Social Media landscape. A tendency to view these social platforms (especially those that you favour) in isolation is a key component of inconsistent social seo.

Naming Conventions

What are the urls you’re using across your all of the websites your company has a presence on online? Many users are lazy and will ‘Google Search’ businesses based upon the company name and/or the url on one site at which they found them under.

So when moving from Instagram to Facebook – and being unable to find the company site using the same keyword – leads to a very negative experience.

This is something that is given consideration


How is your copy across your digital landscape. Is the voice that we hear on Facebook entirely different from your website copy? What about any LinkedIn Company updates you might post? Considering your ‘voice’ that’s present throughout your online content and giving consideration to how it’s been crafted is examined

Brand Footprint

How visible are you on the web? Are you on Pinterest, Slideshare, Reddit, YouTube, Quora? We’ll review all of the platforms that you currently operate on to understand what seems relevant to your business and what does not

Content Marketing Strategy

This is an overall review of your content as it exists online to understand the frequency, consistency and relevancy of your marketing messages to see if they are really engaging with your audience

Email Marketing

‘The money is in the list” As they say. Developing your relationship with your subscribers is a critical part of marketing and understanding if you even have a list, how often you email them and what you email them is vital.


Taking a look at the content you produce. Whether it’s fitted to what your audience are actually looking for, if it’s written and optimized to convert and whether you are using content upgrades funnels and keywords and all is considered. Blogging is a most critical part of SEO and inbound lead generation so this a key component of the online audit

Guest Posting

A great way of driving traffic and establishing influence in your area is by guest posting on other authority websites. If there is any guest posting strategy in place – we will examine it and look at the guest posts themselves to see how they stack up against the best of the best

Content Creation

This relates to your planning process for developing content. Is there a systematized procedure in place to take out the ‘thinking’ involved in content creation – so that it becomes as efficient and streamlined as possible. And ultimately effective