Brand Footprint Versus Brand Identity

Every company must have a strong brand footprint online to boost your brand presence and identity. This makes it clear to search engines online that you are the company you say you are – by giving your brand and usually domain name a strong SEO boost.

However, let’s go back a step. These areas of brand footprint and brand identity are easily confused. Both are important to building out your brand but have quite a different impact upon your efforts to amplify your inbound traffic and lead generation.

What is Brand Identity?

Brand Identity refers to your colours, fonts, logo, as well as style, values and the ‘tone or voice’ of your communication. For some this may well extend to social profiles such as your Google Maps profile, Facebook Like Page, plus potentially a slew of unused profiles on other social sites.

What is your Brand Footprint?

Your brand footprint refers to the number of active/existing profiles you have on major social sites online, as well as the specific manner in which they are set up. They have to send strong social signals to Google and Bing search that you represent your audience.

This is a something we will explore with your business as we can ultimately help you flesh out up to 50+ social profiles across the web and work to optimize them all and connect them altogether to the benefit of your brand

Why is this important?

When businesses look you up online or find you through a social search – it’s important to make sure that at the very LEAST you dominate google for your own company name. Uncovering a slew of disparate businesses that rank for your company name is a sure fire way for you to lose business and has a knock on effect on SEO.

We will rectify this issue by developing a very strong brand footprint for you to make sure that you get ranking online and ranking fast.