Personal Branding

When you think of the titans of business today: Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon. Most people in business communities are familiar with the stories of their founders. This is not to mention the Dragon’s Den, Apprentice and Shark Tank figureheads of today. Venture outside of business and fans are even more familiar with the lives of the managers and players of their¬†favourite football teams or X-Factor judges. Celebrity chefs, like Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey and Delia Smith have even more devout followings.

But is there a cost associated to a negative perception of you? Well, you only have to consider the brand hit that Donald Trump took in the Presidential election campaigns that has been a factor in the loss of $800 million from his net worth.

Simply put, if you’re not working to build your personal brand – you are hemorrhaging money. People trust individuals more than they trust companies, and your company stands to benefit massively as a consequence.

We take building a personal brand seriously and we have the data to prove it.