Looking at your SEO on a site-wide basis

This is where we consider your overall SEO online and how it’s working, and how effective it is working. This will involve us looking at several key things:

Organic Search

This term refers to a website of a business, organisation or individual ranking on a search engine such as Google or Bing without the use of paid advertising. It is through the use of techniques such as On-Page and Off-Page SEO, Social Signals, Social Engagement, Backlinks and Content Generation as well as a string of other factors that will enable us to get you ranking in the position you deserve.

On Google:

Appearing as the Number 1 listing on Google for your preferred keyword searches can lead to your business capturing 33% of that term-specific search with this dropping down to 2.4% for a number 10 ranking.

2.4% might seem small but you must consider that Google processes over 40,000 queries every second, 3.5 billion searches per day and has 67.3% of Global Search

Quite simply; there aren’t many  (if any) cases where a high Google search ranking will NOT massively benefit your business.

Let us help you get there.

Organic Search on Bing, Yahoo and AOL

This is the part that accounts for 34% of the other search

Firefox also removed Google as it’s default search engine in North America and replaced it with Yahoo Search – doing the same in Russia and replacing it with Yandex.

Let us help you rank on Bing

Organic Search on YouTube

This is the SECOND biggest search engine in the world. Many aren’t aware of this. It is bigger than Bing and Yahoo, and owned by Google.

If video is a part of your strategy (and it should be) – you can’t leave ranking on YouTube outside of your marketing mix. We will look at what systems you have in place to amplify your message by getting you ranking high on YouTube.

Which will also massively boost search results for you in Google.

When understanding what your goals are this is the process that we’ll follow to build the system;

How it starts:

Understanding your business goals

What is it that lies underneath your desire to improve your SEO? Recognising why you need advice is the first step. Not ranking highly enough? Perhaps you are not ranking at all? Or not for they keywords of your choice?

Understanding your audience

We will examine who you believe your search customers are Vs what the data is telling us Vs who you would ideally like to be finding you through search to map you a true understanding of your audience

How does your audience search online

  • Informational searches
    • Product benefit education (ASK NICK)

There are customers that are seeking out information as part of their purchasing journey. What will they be looking for? Where will they be looking

  • Transactional searches
    • Cost comparison
    • Company/Product Review
    • Brand comparison

Building this into keyword list generation

Start with a seed work keylist – your favoured keywords that you believe are the most important to your Google search – using this and what is above will build this out into a solid list of keywords that we can use as part of our search efforts

We can plug this into SEO Powersuite to develop new keyword ideas to generate an overall list based upon our research and understanding of the customer

Develop strategy based upon keyword competitiveness

Based upon the entire list of keywords we can develop a content and seo plan based upon primary and secondary keyword choices based upon importance, competitiveness, quick wins and those that will require long term work


Now we begin the actual work of SEO itself and begin the work of ranking you. Some companies will offer to have you ranking very quickly online – which is possible but often-time will involve the use of blackhat seo.

This can have a long term detrimental effect upon your website so we highly recommend you steer clear of any business that offers immediate ranking boosts. The simplest way to explain this is to understand that suddenly rising up the search rankings does not reflect a natural and organic way to grow.

This will kick in an algorithmic search by Google and/or Bing. We will build a structured long term strategy that will be to the benefit of driving traffic and leads to your business.