Social SEO

Social SEO looks at all of the social channels you are active (and inactive) on and gearing everything for optimization. Within this there are several pieces to this that we examine methodically:


Making sure the images and their colours are consistent across all aspects of social media is the first port of call (and something you can go ahead and examine all by yourself). Beyond this there is also a case of looking at social platform specific imaging and relevant calls to action for new followers vs existing followers to increase conversions.

Then we must consider how this changes from desktop to mobile and whether these changes still allow for any call to action to display.

Furthermore considering the content of these images, any copyright attached to them, fonts to use and any messages to implement are further considerations.


Are you tracking links from your social sites?;; Google UTM links or the actual top level full domain level url. Are you actually tracking the clickthrough rates – what is driving traffic and where is it coming from? What about the actual content links themselves in the content being posted out. How is that being tracked? Should it be tracked?

Social Profiles

The content here is a particularly interesting area – as this can change depending on the familiarity of your business/services/products to your customer. Then there is the strong case being made not sounding sales-y. Should you be selling yourself? Explaining your business? Offering a giveaway or simply being quirky of humourous.

We will consider them all as we examine all your social profiles.